Getting Started

Twillio integration

Having a twillio integration added inside your Convertlead account will allow you to send text messages, do blind calls and desktop calls as well as track all the replies and call recordings for improving your conversions. *Note : To be able to integrate Twillio with ConvertLead, you first need to signup on and make sure you have a phone number that you can call your clients and leads from. To find out more about twillio phone numbers, check their documentation. Adding your ...

Convertlead mobile app download

Download the iOS or Android version of the ConvertLead mobile app, for your iPhone or Android mobile device. Click on the buttons below to download : App store ( | Google Play (

Creating your first campaign

Once you have succesfully logged into your Convertlead account, you can create your first campaign by clicking on the "+" button on the top right of your dashboard page. *** Note: Campaigns are just a way to keep all your integrations and automations well organized. They are basicly folders for your integrations and we recommend you to create one every time you have a new offer to promote, to keep things well organized. Fill in the form to create your campaign: First, give your ca...

Getting Started with ConvertLead

Once you have an account with ConvertLead, you’ll start by logging in ( Once you’re on your dashboard, get started by watching the Getting Started With Convert Lead video below. This video will help you learn how to set up your company account and start using Convert Lead: