Creating your first campaign

Once you have succesfully logged into your Convertlead account, you can create your first campaign by clicking on the "+" button on the top right of your dashboard page.

*** Note: Campaigns are just a way to keep all your integrations and automations well organized. They are basicly folders for your integrations and we recommend you to create one every time you have a new offer to promote, to keep things well organized.


Fill in the form to create your campaign:

First, give your campaign a name.

Second you have to select the company (client) that this specific campaign belongs to. If you don't have a client added yet, you'll have to go to the companies page and onboard your first client.
Once that's done, select it from the dropdown and click Save- your new campaign is ready.

You can now create integrations and automations for this specific campaign.


You're done ! Your first campaign is ready to receive some new leads.