How to View Pipelines?

The pipeline feature has been introduced inside the Leads module. It allows you to create a sales pipeline by defining multiple stages. For each stage, you can set up an action to be performed via the stage automation feature. As the stages are created, you can drag and drop each lead in the required stage. Let’s take a detailed look at how this feature is used.

ConvertLead > Left Navigation Bar > Leads

1. Follow the above-mentioned workflow to land on the Leads screen.

2. Click the  icon to access the grid view.

Figure 38 Grid View

3. Here, all the leads are displayed placed inside each stage of the selected pipeline.

Figure 39 Stages

4. You can select the pipeline from the Pipeline dropdown.

Figure 40 Pipeline Dropdown

5. The lead value is displayed in each lead card inside the stage container whereas the stage value is displayed in blue color next to the stage name.

Figure 41 Lead Value and Stage Value

6. Moreover, the lead name is displayed at the top-left of the lead card whereas the lead source is displayed right below it.

Figure 42 Lead Details

7. Clicking the pencil icon from a stage container opens the Stage Automation popup. 

Figure 43 Pencil Icon

8. Here, each action for stage automation is listed and you can edit the status of each lead using the blue dropdown. All leads with the defined status are placed in the selected stage.

Figure 44 Stage Automation

9. Moreover, in case you want to apply the selected stage automation to all existing leads and those leads to be moved to the selected stage automatically, mark the “Apply to all existing leads and move them to this stage if above conditions are met” checkbox.

Figure 45 Apply to existing leads checkbox

10. Once the selections are made, click the  button.

Figure 46 Save

11. Furthermore, you can drag and drop a lead to place it in another stage.