Facebook Lead ads Integration

How does the Integration with Facebook Lead Ads Work? 

ConvertLead > Select Campaign 

  1. Follow the above-mentioned workflow to land on the Integrations screen. 

  1. From the integrations screen, click the icon located at the top-right corner. 


Figure 161 Create Integrations Button 

  1. This opens the Create Integration window. 

  1. Use the Integration Name field to enter the name of the integration. 

  1. From the Integration Type dropdown, select Facebook Lead Ads. 

  1. Use the Assign to dropdown to select the company agent you want the integration assigned to. 

  1. Once the selections are made, click the button. This creates the integration and displays it in the Integrations list. 


Figure 162 Create Integration 

  1. From the created integration row, click the button. 


Figure 163 Integration Button 

  1. This opens Facebook login page in a new window. 

  1. Enter your Facebook credentials to login to your account. 


Figure 164 Facebook Login Page 

  1. Select the page and form you want to integrate ConvertLead with. 

  1. Click the Save button. 

  1. You are all done. Your Facebook account is integrated with ConvertLead.