Zapier Integration

How does the Integration with Zapier Work? 

ConvertLead > Select Campaign 

  1. Follow the above-mentioned workflow to land on the Integrations screen. 

  1. From the integrations screen, click the icon located at the top-right corner. 


Figure 144 Create Integrations Button 

  1. This opens the Create Integration window. 

  1. Use the Integration Name field to enter the name of the integration. 


Figure 145 Integration Name 

  1. From the Integration Type dropdown, select Zapier. 

  1. Use the Assign To dropdown to choose the company agent to whom you want to assign this integration. 

  1. Once the selections are made, click the button. This creates the integration and displays it in the Integrations list. 


Figure 146 Create Integration 

  1. From the created integration row, click the button. 


Figure 147 Integration Button 

  1. This opens the Zapier API Integration window. 

  1. Copy the campaign link by clicking the button. 


Figure 148 Copy 

  1. Login to your Zapier account. 

  1. From the home page, click the button. 


Figure 149 Create Zap 

  1. We will be using ActiveCampaign as an example for this workflow. 

  1. From the App event field, search and select ActiveCampaign. 


Figure 150 ActiveCampaign 

  1. From the Event dropdown, select New Contact Added to List. 


Figure 151 Event 

  1. Sign in to your ActiveCampaign Account in the next step. 


Figure 152 Account 

  1. Click the button. 


Figure 153 Continue 

  1. Click the Action tile. 


Figure 154 Action 

  1. Here, from the App Event field, search and select WebHook by Zapier. 


Figure 155 App event 

  1. From the Event dropdown, select Post. 


Figure 156 Event 

  1. Click the button. 


Figure 157 Continue Button 

  1. Paste the campaign link you copied from ConvertLead in the URL field. 

  1. From the Payload Type dropdown, select JSON. 

  1. Use the fields under the Data heading to map the fields. 


Figure 158 Data 

  1. If you want to send more than just name, email and phone data to your ConvertLead campaign you can use the field “metadata” for any other corresponding field and the data will be added in the lead notes page under “Additional Information” . 

  1. Once you finish mapping the fields, Click the button to move to the next step. 


Figure 159 Continue Button 

  1. This takes you to the test action section. To test the action you have created, click the button. 


Figure 160 Test Action 

  1. Once verified, your Zap should work flawlessly with ConvertLead.