Twillio integration

Having a twillio integration added inside your Convertlead account will allow you to send text messages, do blind calls and desktop calls as well as track all the replies and call recordings for improving your conversions.


*Note : To be able to integrate Twillio with ConvertLead, you first need to signup on and make sure you have a phone number that you can call your clients and leads from. To find out more about twillio phone numbers, check their documentation.

Adding your first Twillio Integration:

Step 1  Log in to your Convertlead account and navigate to the "Companies" page.

Every company/client you have inside your convertlead account will have its own twillio integration - make sure you have at least one in here to be able to integrate it with twillio.


Step 2 – Select the company account you want to be integrated with twillio and select "edit" from the actions menu.


Step 3 - Add your Twillio SID, Token and phone number in their specific fields and click Save



Your company account is now connected with twillio.
To test your integration find one lead that belongs to this company and try to perform a desktop call.