How to Create an Automation?

How to Create an Automation?

 ConvertLead > Select Campaign 

1. Follow the workflow mentioned above to land on the Integrations screen.

Figure 20 Integrations

2. From here, click the  button. Doing so takes you to the Automations screen where you can create an automation for the campaign. Here, you are able to define various actions and create an automated workflow that would run when the campaign is executed.

3. To create an automated workflow action, click the  button. Doing so opens the Create Action window.

Figure 21 Add Action Button


4. Here, select the type of action using the Action Type dropdown.

Figure 22 Action Type


5. Set the delay in action trigger using the Hrs. and Min. fields.

Figure 23 Delay


6. Name the action using the textbox below the Delay fields.

Figure 24 Text Box


7. In case you want the automation workflow to stop upon manual contact, enable the Stop on manual contact toggle. For instance, 

8. Once all the details are entered, click the   button. This creates the action and displays it at the place from where you clicked the + button.

Figure 25 Save


9. It is important to note that the normal workflow for an automation is vertical. This is because a condition is associated horizontally. In the example below, the email would be sent for a lead only when an SMS reply is received. If it is not, the automation will move vertically to the next welcome message.

Figure 26 Automation