How to Create an Integration? 

How to Create an Integration? 

ConvertLead Dashboard > Select Campaign 

  1. Follow the above-mentioned workflow to land on the Integrations screen. 


  1. To create an integration, click the icon located at the top-right corner of the screen. 


Figure 9 Create Integration Button 

  1. This opens the Create Integration window. 

  1. Use the Integration Name field to enter the name of the integration. 


Figure 10 Integration Name 

  1. Select the type of integration using the Integration Type dropdown. 


Figure 11 Integration Type 

  1. Similarly, select the agent to whom you want to assign this integration from the Assign To dropdown. All agents that you have added from the Agents tab populate in this dropdown. Moreover, multiple selections can be made from this dropdown. 


Figure 12 Assign To 

  1. Once the selections are made, click the button. Doing so saves the created integration and displays it in the Integrations list. 


Figure 13 Save Button