How to View Created Campaigns?

How to View Created Campaigns? 

  1. Upon successful login, you land on the Campaigns section. 

  1. Here, all the created campaigns are tabulated via a number of columns that include Started, Total Leads, and Conversions. 


Figure 1 Campaigns 

  1. By default, the campaigns created for all companies are displayed. However, you can use the filter at the top-left corner of the screen in order to view campaigns for a specific company. 


Figure 2 Companies Filter 

  1. Moreover, you search for a specific campaign using the search bar at the top-right corner of the screen. 

Note: The All Companies filter is only visible when you are logged in with an agency account. In case you are logged in with a company account, only the campaigns for your company are displayed. 


Figure 3 Search Field 

  1. All active campaigns are displayed by default. However, you can access the archived campaigns by clicking the Archived heading next to Active. 


Figure 4 Archived 

  1. Clicking a campaign name from the list takes you to the Integrations screen where all integrations for the selected campaign are listed. 


Figure 5 Select Campaign 

  1. Moreover, you also have the ability to view weekly leads stats for a single or multiple campaigns. To view, mark the checkbox(s) from the campaign(s) for which you want to view the stats. The relevant stats are displayed in a panel on the right side.