How to View Agents Dashboard? 

How to View Agents Dashboard? 

  1. Upon successful login, you land on the Campaigns dashboard. 

  1. Navigate to the left-hand menu. 

  1. From the options available here, click the button. Doing so takes you to the Agents dashboard. 


Figure 84 Agents 

  1. Here, all the existing agent profiles are listed. 

  1. The count for leads assigned to each agent is displayed on the right corner of their profile picture. 


Figure 85 Leads Count 

  1. A count of the integrations an agent is assigned to is displayed below their profile picture. 


Figure 86 Integrations Count 

  1. The status of the agent is displayed below their profile picture. 


Figure 87 Status 

  1. The company(s) assigned to the agent are listed at the bottom of their profile. 


Figure 88 Companies 

  1. If you are logged in with a company account, only the agents to whom your company is assigned are displayed. 

  1. In case you have an agency account, agents assigned to all companies are displayed and you can filter the agents using the Company filter at the top-left corner. 


Figure 89 Companies Filter 

  1. Moreover, you can search for a specific agent profile using the search box at the top-right corner. 


Figure 90 Search Field 

  1. To create a new agent, click the button next to the search field. 


Figure 91 Create Agent 

  1. Clicking an agent profile opens their performance stats in a panel on the right side of the screen. 

  1. You can filter the leads the selected agent got on the basis of a specific date range using the date range filter. 


Figure 92 Date Range 

  1. Moreover, you can also filter the leads on the basis of a specific company using the Company filter. 


Figure 93 Company Filter 

  1. A pie chart below these filters depicts the response time of the selected agent. 


Figure 94 Response Time