How to View Existing Leads?   

How to View Existing Leads? 

  1. Upon successful login, you land on the Campaigns dashboard. 

  1. Navigate to the left-hand menu. 

  1. From this menu, click the icon. Doing so takes you to the Leads section. 


Figure 54 Leads 

  1. Here, all the leads that you have created are listed. 

  1. Information is tabulated via a number of columns that include Status, Name, Assigned To, phone Number, Company, Source, and Actions. 


Figure 55 Leads 

  1. If you are logged in with a company account, the leads for your company are displayed to you. 

  1. However, the users logged in with an agency account can view leads for all companies as well as utilize the Company filter to view leads for a specific company. 


Figure 56 Company Filter 

  1. You can also filter the displayed leads on the basis of status using the Status filter.  


Figure 57 Status Filter 

  1. You can also view leads within a specified date range. Use the date range filter next to the Status filter to define a date range in which you want to view the leads. 


Figure 58 Date Range Filter 

  1. To search for a specific lead, enter the lead name in the Search box at the top-right corner of the screen. 


Figure 59 Search Box 

  1. To create a new lead, click the icon next to the search box. 


Figure 60 Create Lead 

  1. To view the lead timeline, click the icon from that lead’s row. 


Figure 61 Lead Timeline 

  1. Here, the basic details for the lead are displayed in the left-hand panel whereas the timeline is displayed on the right-hand side. 

  1. You can also send an email, edit, and call the selected lead from the respective action buttons displayed under their name. 


Figure 62 Mail, Edit, and Call Buttons 

  1. Clicking a lead also displays a quick preview of the selected lead timeline along with the same action buttons for mailing, calling, sending a text message, and editing. 


Figure 63 Quick Preview