How to Create a Lead?

How to Create a Lead? 

ConvertLead > Left-Hand Menu > Leads 

  1. Follow the above-mentioned workflow to land on the Leads screen. 

  1. To create a new lead, click the button next to the search bar at the top-right corner of the screen. 


Figure 64 Create Lead 

  1. This opens the Create Lead window. 

  1. Here, enter the name of the person who has come as a lead using the Full Name field. 


Figure 65 Full Name 

  1. Select the status of the lead using the Status dropdown. 


Figure 66 Status Dropdown 

  1. Enter the email address of the lead using the Email Address field. 


Figure 67 Email Address 

  1. Select the company for which you are creating the lead using the Company dropdown. If you are logged in with a company account, the name of your company is auto-populated in this dropdown. 


Figure 68 Company Dropdown 

  1. Enter the contact number for the lead in the Phone Number field. 


Figure 69 Phone Number 

  1. Select the campaign type for this lead using the Campaign dropdown. 


Figure 70 Campaign 

  1. Enter the brief description about the lead using the Description text box. 


Figure 71 Description 

  1. Select the integration you want to associate to this lead using the Integrations dropdown. 


Figure 72 Integration 

  1. Select the agent(s) you want to assign to this lead using the Agents dropdown. 


Figure 73 Agents 

  1. Once all the selections are made, click the button. Doing so creates the lead and displays it on the Leads screen. 


Figure 74 Save Button