How to Edit an Existing Company? 

How to Edit an Existing Company? 

ConvertLead > Left-Hand Menu > Companies 

  1. Follow the above-mentioned workflow to land on the Companies tab. 

  1. For a company you want to edit, click the icon from that company’s row. 

  1. Doing so reveals a couple of options. 


Figure 47 Three-Dot Icon 

  1. From these options, click Edit. 


Figure 48 Edit 

  1. This opens the Edit Company window. Here, all the details you added while creating the selected company are displayed. 

  1. You can make changes as per your requirement. 


Figure 49 Edit Company 

  1. Once the required changes are made, click the button. This saves the changes you made and closes the Edit Company window. 


Figure 50 Save Button