How to Create a Company? 

How to Create a Company? 

ConvertLead > Left Hand Menu > Companies 

  1. Follow the above-mentioned workflow to land on the Companies tab. 

  1. To create a new company, click the button located at the top-right corner. 


Figure 36 Create Button 

  1. This opens the Create Company window. 

  1. Here, fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory to fill. 

  1. Enter the name of the company in the Company Name field. 


Figure 37 Company Name 

  1. The email address of the logged in user is auto-populated in the Email Address field. 


Figure 38 Email Address 

  1. Enter the contact number of the company using the Phone Number field. 


Figure 39 Phone Number 

  1. The password you have set while registering on ConvertLead with your email address is auto-populated in the Password field. 


Figure 40 Password 

  1. You can set a logo for the company you are creating by clicking the Select File button. It opens your system storage for you to choose the file from. 


Figure 41 Select File 

  1. For confirmation, enter the password populated in the Password field in the Re-enter Password field. 


Figure 42 Re-enter Password 

  1. If you want to add Twilio integration to the company you are creating, enter the Twilio SID in the corresponding field. 


Figure 43 Twilio SID 

  1. Similarly, use the Twilio Token and Twilio mobile number to provide the relevant information. 


Figure 44 Twilio Token 


Figure 45 Twilio Mobile Number 

  1. Once all the required information is entered, click the button. Doing so adds the company and displays it in the Companies list. 


Figure 46 Save Button