Step 1: General Settings

Once on the visual editor, you can use the top navigation pane to configure the general settings of the project.

Hovering over the three-dot icon reveals a menu from where you can Delete, Duplicate, or access SEO Settings of the project.

Clicking the  icon opens the Create Page popup. Here, you can enter the name of the page in the Page field.

Once the name is entered, click the  button. Doing so creates a new page.

Clicking the  icon downloads the project in a .zip file on your system storage.

Figure 22 Download

Moreover, you can set the required view to desktop, mobile, or tablet using the three icons at the top.

Figure 23 View

Clicking the  icon reveals all grid lines in the project providing a clearer picture.

To access the full screen view, click the  icon.

Clicking the  icon opens the HTML and CSS code in a popup. To export this code, click the  button.

In case you want to import a custom HTML code, click the  icon. Doing so opens a window where you can type or paste the code. Once the code is there, click the  button.

In case you want to clear the whole canvas, click the  icon. This reveals a confirmation popup asking you to confirm that you want to clear the canvas.